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Xanthan Gum RD

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Xanthan Gum RD is Rapid dispersible Xanthan Gum also with fast hydration. It provides good dispersibility and fast hydration in process. The Xanthan Gum usual powder forms lumps when added into water and requires long time stirring or special equipment to mix. But Xanthan Gum RD shall disperse quickly in water and hydrates fast to build viscosity in short time. The use of Xanthan Gum RD will not form lump and does not require special high speed mixing machine or longtime stirring.It will ease of mixing and improve efficiency.


Xanthan Gum RD shall ease the use of Xanthan Gum in final application production that it does not require special equipment or technique for disperse. No need to wait for longtime stirring and can build viscosity in short time.With these special improved characteristics,Xanthan Gum RD shall enable fast output in batch process and improve the production efficiency as well as ease the use of Xanthan Gum.