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Product Profile For Food & Beverage
Product Profile for Food & Beverage Xanthan Gum Xanthan Gum FG80: Food Grade 80mesh Xanthan Gum FG200: Food Grade 200mesh Xanthan Gum FG T: Transparent Xanthan Gum Xanthan Gum RD: Rapid dispersible Xanthan GumXanthan Gum SF: Smooth flow Xanthan Gum Xanthan
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Functionality of CMC in Food & Beverage
Food Grade CMC,as a high viscosity clarified solution hydrocolloid,can be used in various foods include beverage,bakery,dairy,seasonings,etc with properties of thickening, emulsifier,texture/body-building,stabilizer,etc.,The excellent performance of CMC in food can improve mouthfeel,extend shelf lif
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Gellan Gum And Application
Gellan Gum is natural occurred biopolymer that produced by carbohydrate fermentation with Pseudomonas elodea.It is white or creamy white powder.It is soluble in water to form viscous solution,but not soluble in solvent. Gellan Gum is excellent water gelling agent, thickener, suspending agent,,rheolo
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Transparent Xanthan Gum Brief Introduction
Xanthan Gum FT is transparent food grade xanthan gum. It provides transparent solution in food applications. It is ideal thickener,stabilizer and emulsifier provides excellent thickening, high efficient suspension, effective stabilizing,etc. in broad food applications.
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Xanthan Gum Fg80 Brief Introduction
Xanthan Gum FG80Xanthan Gum FG80 is food grade standard 80mesh Xanthan Gum. It provides ideal thickening, effective suspension, stabilizing and emulsion,etc and improves rheology control in pouring by unique pseudoplastic flow. Xanthan Gum FG80 is used in wide range of foods e.g. juices and beverage
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Xanthan Gum Fg200 Brief Introduction
Xanthan Gum FG200 is fine powder (200mesh food grade xanthan gum. It is excellent thickener, stabilizer,emulsifier,etc. in broad food applications.It is specially suitable for dry mixes where rapid hydration is preferred. It provides rapid hydration, ideal thickening, effective suspension, excellent
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