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Why there is Xanthan Gum in Cosmetics?

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UnionChem is a manufacturer of chemical thickeners, we specialized in different types of chemicals. It helps to stabilize and bind the products, which is a crucial agent that you will need during the manufacturing of beauty products.

The most commonly used natural gum in cosmetics is xanthan gum. Due to the affordability and accessibility of this xanthan gum. It is derived from the fermentation of the plant bacteria Xanthomonas Campestris. This anionic polysaccharide will disperse in vegetable glycerin but will not hydrate. Cosmetic xanthan gum is widely used because it is compatible with most ingredients contained in cosmetics and it’s readily available and versatile.

Xanthan gum will hydrate in hot or cold water and creates a hazy, but it helps to neutralize the pH solution. This gum will create a gel that can tolerate the addition of a wide range of water-soluble active ingredients.

Xanthan is also highly synergistic with galactomannans just like Konjac. When Konjac is mixed into the Xanthan, the viscosity of the gel will increase dramatically. Xanthan is also resistant to heat and shearing, making cosmetics with Xanthan highly stable. This is especially beneficial if you are shipping the products in high heat or to locations that are hot and humid.

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