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Pharmaceutical Industry Gellan Gum

Air freshener gels are transparent, have a high melting temperature, and may contain high levels of fragrance.

In air fresheners, Low Acyl Gellan Gum enables air freshener gels of crystal clarity to be formulated. The high melting temperature of these gels makes them suitable for use in hot environments, such as cars.

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Pharmaceutical Industry Gellan Gum

Low Acyl Gellan Gum can be used to produce easy-to-swallow solid dosage forms, such as gels and coated tablets, and to modify the rate of release of active ingredients from tablets and capsules.

Low Acyl Gellan Gum is also conveniently used for controlled or sustained release of various drugs and for micro-encapsulation preparation. The bioavailability of theophylline from the gellan gels increases 4-5 folds in rats and 3 folds in rabbits compared to a commercial sustained release liquid dosage form.

Gellan Gum is natural colloids that are produced by carbohydrate fermentation with Pseudomonas elodea. It is a white or creamy white powder. It is soluble in water to form a viscous solution, but not soluble in a solvent.

Gellan Gum is an excellent gelling agent, thickener, suspending agent, rheology controller, etc in broad applications, that includes food, cosmetic and personnel care, industrial, etc.

Unique Properties & Functionalities of Gellan Gum:

*Excellent gelling performance,high gel strength

*High efficient thickening

*Extremely excellent suspension ability

*Excellent thermal stability,even in high temperature

*Excellent acid/alkaline and broad PH stability

*Outstanding flavour releasing

*Compatible with other ingredients



Our Gellan Gum meets domestic and international standard E-418, FCC V, JECFA.


Detailed specification and technical information available upon request.