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Xanthan Gum In Food Applications

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Functionality of Xanthan Gum in Food & Beverage

Xanthan gum in food application functions as viscosity building up,suspension, provides stability and improves rheology,easy to pour and enhance cling.In beverages, a slight increase in viscosity enhaces the sensation and improve the beverage rheology control as well as suspension the solids.Xanthan Gum can partially replacing high concentrations of starch in many food systems. Xanthan gum provides unique pseudoplastic rheology,which benefits the enhanced flavor release and more comfortable texture.


Xanthan Gum shows good synergistic with galactomannans like Guar, LBG, etc as well as good stability to salts,broad PH and temperature variation.


Beverage – Xanthan gum builds enhanced liquid flow to beverage drink,along with rapid viscosity build up.In addition,it uniformly suspends solids or fruit pulp in prepared drinks to improve product appearance and texture.


Dairy – xanthan gum is excellent stabilizers for a range of frozen and chilled dairy products: yoghurt, re-formulated milk or re-combined milk,plant milk like soy milk, ice cream,sherbet,sour cream,sterile whipping cream,etc. Xanthan Gum provide optimal viscosity,long-term stability,improved heat transfer during processing,enhanced flavor release,heat-shock protection and ice-crystal control.


Health foods – Xanthan gum,as a partial replacement for starch,is an excellent bodying and texturing agent for reduced-and low-calorie foods.Low use levels ensure that the desired textural properties can be obtained without excessive gumminess or impaired flavor release.


Dressings – Xanthan gum’s stability to acid and salt,effectiveness at low concentrations,and highly pseudoplastic rheology make it the ideal stabilizer for pourable no-oil,low-oil,and regular salad dressings.Dressings with xanthan gum have excellent long-term emulsion stability and a relatively constant viscosity over a wide temperature range;they pour easily but cling well to the salad. As a partial replacement for starch in regular and reduced-calorie spoonable dressings,xanthan gum imparts desirable body,texture,and freeze-thaw stability,as well as improved flavor release and eating sensation.


Sauce and gravy,liquid seasoning – Low levels of xanthan gum provide high viscosity in sauces and gravies at both acid and neutral PH,even with high salts. Viscosity is also extremely stable to temperature changes and is maintained under a variety of long-term storage conditons.These sauces and gravies cling to hot foods and have excellent flavor release and appearance.


Bakery – Xanthan gum contributes smoothness, air incorporation and retention,and recipe tolerance to batters for cakes,muffins,biscuits and bread mixs.Baked goods have increased volume and moisture,higher crumb strength,less crumbling and greater resistance to shipping damage.Xanthan gum improves volume,texture and moisture retention in refrigerated doughs,reduced-calorie baked goods and gluten-free breads. toppings containing xanthan gum retain uniform air-cell structure through-out the products’ shelf life.


Bakery and pie fillings – Adding xanthan gum to either cold-or hot-processed bakery and fruit pie fillings improves texture and flavor release.The added benefits in cream and fruit fillings include extended shelf stability,freeze-thaw stability and syneresis control.


Desserts – Xanthan gum improves structure,provides greater stability during storage,and controls syneresis in desserts like puddings,mousses and flans.


Frozen foods – Stability,syneresis control and consistent viscosity during freeze-thaw cycles and heating are achieved by adding xanthan gum to a variety of frozen products such as whipped toppings,sauces,gravies,batters,entrees,and souffles.


Icings and frostings – Xanthan gum in icings and frostings imparts improved sheen and cling,better spreading characteristics,resistance to cracking,and protection from moisture migration and sugar crystallization.


Syrups and toppings – Xanthan gum promotes ease of pouring and excellent cling to ice cream,fruits,and pancakes.Under refrigerated storage,syrups and toppings retain uniform consistency.Cocoa powder in chocolate syrups remains uniformly suspended.Frozen,nondairy whipped toppings and frozen whipped topping concentrates have firm texture,high overrun and excellent freeze-thaw stability.


Novel foods – Xanthan gum provides stable high viscosity over a range of temperatures as well as ensuring good thermal penetration in reheating. At the same time,xanthan gum’s excellent viscosity recovery upon cooling provides a uniform,high-quality product.Xanthan gum also improves filling and reduces splashing.