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Cosmetics used Gellan Gum

Low Acyl Gellan Gum E418 is a natural polysaccharide polymer structure, with strong stability and hydrophilic, has a strong water lock function, can make the active factor and moisture nutrition achieve perfect balance, to extend the time of moisturizing, can be used in collagen, essence cream, tender skin dew water, lotion, facial mask, facial cream, eye cream, lipstick, etc.

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Cosmetics used Gellan Gum

Gellan gum is a versatile and useful ingredient in the cosmetics industry, where it is primarily used as a thickener, stabilizer, and gelling agent. It is a natural, vegan, and non-toxic alternative to synthetic thickeners and emulsifiers, making it a popular choice among cosmetic manufacturers looking to create clean and sustainable products.

In lotions and creams, gellan gum is used to improve their texture and consistency, making them smoother and easier to spread. It also helps to stabilize the emulsion, preventing separation of the oil and water phases, and enhances the moisturizing properties of the product.

In hair care products, gellan gum is used as a thickener and conditioning agent, providing a thick, luxurious feel to the product and helping to hold hair in place. It is also used in some types of styling gels and mousses, where it helps to create a firm hold without making hair stiff or crunchy.

Gellan gum is also used in some types of makeup, like mascaras, to create a smooth texture and prevent clumping. It can also be used in facial masks to provide a thicker, more gel-like consistency and improve the delivery of active ingredients.

Overall, gellan gum's unique properties make it a valuable ingredient in the cosmetics industry, where it can improve the texture, stability, and performance of various cosmetic products. Its natural and non-toxic properties make it an increasingly popular choice among cosmetic manufacturers looking to create clean, sustainable, and effective products.

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Our Gellan Gum meets domestic and international standard E-418, FCC V, JECFA.


Detailed specification and technical information available upon request.