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Welan Gum Advantages And Applications

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Various additives were used in cement compositions to modify the cement properties for specialized applications. Welan Gum is excellent viscosifier and suspending agent in aqueous brines.It is compatible with cement slurries and it could greatly increase the suspension properties of cement slurries. Many other polymers are not compatible or well functional in cement slurries. The compatibility and suspension properties made welan gum advantageous in several oilfield and industrial applications.


Welan gum in the cement compositions could exhibit improved workability, suspension of aggregates, air entrainment, sag resistance, flow characteristics and resistance to water loss.These improved performance retained stable at higher temperature than 200oF.


Welan Gum exhibits outstanding performance in reducing the fluid loss of cement slurries, even at high temperatures.


Welan Gum could greatly increase the suspension properties of the cement slurries.


Welan gum increases the workability of cement and concreate compositions.It improves the ability of cement slurries to be easily placed in crowded areas without aggregate settling.


Welan Gum does not retard the settling of cement compositions and does not require the use of a dispersant as do other additives.Much lower concentrations of Welan Gum could achieve effects in comparable to other additives.


Welan Gum is useful in a variety of oilfield, industrial and agricultural applications.Such uses includes oilfield drilling and workover operations,hydraulic cement compositions, textile,detergents,coatings,ceramics,fire fighting foams,etc.