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Polyanionic Cellulose

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Polyanionic cellulose,PAC is chemically derived from natural cellulose e.g.wood or cotton linters.It is biodegradable, non-toxic,environmental-friendly natural product.

Polyanionic cellulose(PAC) is white or light yellowish powder or granular.It is easily soluble in cold or hot water,.The PAC exhibits high performance in various salt resistance,including calcium,magnesium-resistance.It can reduce filtration loss. It can be used in all water based drilling fluids, e.g. salt water based,seawater based and saturated-brine drilling fluids.It can reduce filtration very well.



Our Polyanionic cellulose(PAC) meets the international standards API 13A and ISO13500.

We have ranges of PAC for oilfield drilling and can customized the PAC in our production to meet customers’ specific needs.

Standard specification of PAC for oilfield

PAC HV(PAC R)                 PAC LV

Detailed specification and technical information available upon request. Our technical team are ready to customize the product specially for customers’ demand.


Properties & functionality

  1. 1)     Evenly substituted, high transparency solution and high stability

  2. 2)     High performance filtration loss control

  3. 3)     High viscosity PAC HV(PAC R)

  4. 4)     High resistance to various salts,stable in all water system

  5. 5)     High temperature stable

  6. 6)     Stable soft soil structure, prevent well collapse

  7. 7)     While drilling through the rock surface, to slow down the solid accumulation in mud.

  8. 8)     Keep down the turbulence scale,to minimize the pressure loss in reverse-flow system.

  9. 9)     Improve mud yield, reduce filtration loss


Packaging: packed in 25kg net valve bags or multiply paper bags,shrinkwrapped on pallets

Shelf-life:keep sealed store in cool,dry and clean area, 24 months shelf life after production