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Polyacrylamide Polymer(PAM) is high molecular polymer of acrylamide monomer.The PAM is white powder or granular,soluble in cold or hot water.It can disperse in water,absorb and bridge the suspended articles in solution with high efficient flocculation, therefore,Polyacrylamide is widely used in waste water treatment, paper making, textile, oilfield, mining, metallurgy, civil engineering, etc as high performance flocculants,thickener,encapsulant,shale stabilizer or thinner ,sizing agent,dispersant,etc.



We have range of PAM for various applications.The product specification meets the standard internationally.Classified by the nature of the product ionic charge,we have APAM,NPAM and CPAM:

Anionic Polyacrylamide           APAM

Non-ionic Polyacrylamide         NPAM

Cationic Polyacrylamide           CPAM

Detailed specification and technical information available upon request. Our technical team are ready to customize the product specially for customers’ demand.



*Sewage           *Waste water treatment

*Oilfield           *Textile & dyeing

*Paper making:      *Mining


Properties and functionality

*High performance flocculation agent in sewage

* Excellent coagulant, settle out the solids efficiently

* Premium shales stabilizer,small amount can inhibit the clay dispersion and formation.

* rheology control and modifier

* Helps to improve penetration rate