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HEC Oilfield Grade

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Hydroxyethyl Cellulose(HEC) oilfield Grade

HEC is a non-ionic soluble cellulose ethers derived from natural fibers.HEC has excellent functionalities in thickening, suspension, binding, emulsion, film stability, dispersion, water retention, anti-microbial properties and colloid protection, etc.It can be widely used in paints, cosmetics, oil drilling and other industries.

HEC provides high performance in increasing viscosity,and is excellent in control filtration loss in oilfield drilling and completion fluids.HEC is stable to various salts,even at Calcium salt solution.Oilfield fluids containing HEC exhibit high apparent viscosity,high yield point and low fragile gel strength.Its shear-thinning behavior known as pseudoplasticity help both increase penetration rates under high shear and provide excellent suspending action for optimum hole cleaning under low shear while viscosity is regained.

We have ranges of HEC for oilfield application.The product quality meets international standard for the application. Detailed product specification available on request.


Packaging: packed in 25kg net bags or as per customer requested