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Functionality Of Xanthan Gum In Industrial And Agriculture

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Functionality of Xanthan Gum in industrial and agriculture


Agrochemicals – In flowable pesticide suspension concentrates xanthan gum prevents sedimentation on storage,thus ensuring an even distribution of active ingredient throughout the container.When added to water in the spray tank,the SC pours freely and mixes in well.


Animal Feed – In liquid feed supplements, xanthan gum suspends insoluble ingredients (e.g.,minerals,vitamins,medications,fats), ensuring they are delivered uniformly.The supplements are easily mixed,pumped and poured.By varying the xanthan concentration,the viscosity can be adjusted to suit different feeding methods.The viscosity is little affected by changes in ambient temperature.


Textile Printing – In jet printing processes for carpet coloration,xanthan gum can be used to thicken the print paste.It controls print definition and the penetration of paste into the pile.It is not degraded by repeated passes through the machine.


Ceramic Glaze – Xanthan gum prevents sedimentation on storage and controls flow during the application of glazes to tableware and sanitaryware.


Detergent and Cleaning – Xanthan gum is used in many household,institutional and industrial cleaners,including toilet bowl cleaners(acidic),all-purpose celaners(neutral) and oven cleaners(alkaline).The pseudoplastic rheology it imparts ensures that vertical and inclined surfaces are covered with an effective amount of cleaner.Xanthan enhances the shelf-life of cream cleansers by preventing the sedimentation of abrasive particles.


Fire-Fighting Foam – Xanthan gum is used in alcohol-resistant fire-fighting foam concentrates.It enhances foam stability and produces a film on the alcohol surface that prevents re-ignition.The compatibility of xanthan with high concentrations of surfactants is a key feature in this application.


Pigments and Minerals – Xanthan gum prevents sedimentation during shipment and storage of calcium carbonate,kaolin,talc and iron oxide suspensions.It is compatible with the dispersants used in these high solids systems.The suspensions are easy to mix and pump.


Process Chemicals –Xanthan gum prevents separation during storage of various emulsions and suspendions supplied to the process industries.The products include anti-foams,defoamers and biocides.


Surface Coatings – Xanthan gum is used in high-build and textured wall coatings to enhance shelf-life,facilitate application and prevent slumping,sagging and loss of texture definitioni. Xanthan gum is used to thicken silicate paints.


Waxes and Polishes – Xanthan gum enhances the shelf-life and ease of application of metal polish,car polish and shoe cream.