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Functionality Of Xanthan Gum In Cosmetic And Personal Care

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Xanthan Gum has multi-functionality in Cosmetic and personal care products:


Toothpaste and Oral care products– Xanthan gum produces a glossy,relatively soft paste,which can be packaged in pump dispensers and laminated tubes.Xanthan is compatible with all normal ingredients,including baking soda and the salts used in pastes for sensitive teeth. Xanthan gum is used in ready-to-use and reconstitutible suspensions to reduce the sedimentation rate of the active ingredient.


Shower Gels – Xanthan gum makes the gel easy pumping or easy to apply from the package onto the hands and to the skin.It enhances the quality of the foam.Xanthan is compatible with the surfactants used.


Lotions and Creams – Xanthan gum enhances oil in water emulsion stability and provides a light,silky skin-feel.Xanthan Gum is stable in salts and stable in broad PH.


Shampoos – Xanthan gum prevents separation on storage of anti-dandruff agents(e.g.,zinc pyrithione,selenium sulfide)and silicone conditoning agents. Xanthan gum function as high efficient suspending agent to suspends pigments or particles.