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Carboxymethyl Starch

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Carobymethyl Starch(CMS) is anionic starch ether derived from starch.It is excellent thickener,sizing agent,emulsifier,filtration reducer,binder,etc uniquely in broad applications including food,textile,daily chemicals,drilling fluids,pet industry, construction cement dry mortar ,etc.

Carboxymethyl Starch is white or creamy white powder,it is soluble in cold or hot water, form transparent solution. It is natural derived polysaccharides and environmental friendly.



High efficient thickener, binder, sizing agent,, filtration reducer, moisture retention, etc in broad industries.



*Food: High efficient thickener, moisture retention

* Textile warp sizing: with good adhesion to fibre, high performance emulsifying , Carboxymethyl Starch is used as adhesive sizing for warp sizing of cotton yarn, linen yarn and blended yarn.

*Textile printing thickener

*Drilling fluids filtration reducer for oilfield drilling

*Paper making and printing

*Construction cement dry mortar

*Pet industry,cat litter,etc.