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Carboxymethyl Cellulose In Toothpaste Application

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Carboxymethyl Cellulose functions as thickening rheology modifier, moisture retention,texture/body building,suspension, binding agent, cosmetic & personnel applications.

Adding CMC into toothpaste has obvious effects in binding and build body-structure. Due to our CMC’s good uniform substitution ability, excellent salt tolerance and acid resistance,the toothpaste shall be easy extruded out and show better appearance, smooth and comfortable toothfeel.Using of CMC also has the effects of moisture retention,extend shelf life and improve flavor release.

Our toothpaste grade CMC have a good compatibility with other components in toothpaste to produce a smooth,good textured body toothpaste and easy to shape.


Physical parameters:

Appearance                     White or light creamy white powder

Moisture                          Max.10%

Bulk density                     550-800kg/m3

PH(1%)                             6.5-8.5


CAS Number:  9004-32-4

EINECS:  234-394-2

Packaging: packed in 25kg net multiply paper bags,shrinkwrapped on pallets or as per customer requested design.

Storage: keep original packaging sealed,stored in water-proof,clean and dry conditions.

Shelf life: 2years after production stored as above requested

We have ranges of CMC for various toothpaste needs.

Detailed specification could be available on request. We dedicated to develop product to meet customer demand properly.