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Carboxymethyl Cellulose In Textile Application

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Carboxymethyl cellulose(CMC) Textile Grade is creamy white powder or granular, it can be readily dissolved in water to form clear, viscous solutions.CMC in textile application functions as high excellent dyeing printing paste thickener in dye printing and sizing agent in yarn or warp sizing.


Benefit in textile by using CMC

1)     CMC solution shows consistent and stable viscosity in rheology control,efficient and easy to use in production machinery.

2)     CMC can form smooth, flexible film,easy to cling in textile fibre, so that to increase fibre strength to bear machinery friction,reduce hairness,provide fibre lubricating,increase fibre or yarn weavability.

3)     CMC can help to improve handfeel,smoothness of the yarn,easy to desizing.


CMC function as high performance printing paste thickener

CMC can be used as high performance thickener in textile dye printing.It can evenly mix and suspend, stabilize the sizing agent,solvents and water. It is stable viscosity,good filtration and excellent pentration with unique properties of pseudoplasticity.


We have ranges of CMC for textile dye printing and textile sizing separately application.

Detailed specification could be available on request. We dedicated to develop product to meet customer demand properly.