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Carboxymethyl Cellulose(CMC)Paint Grade
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Carboxymethyl Cellulose(CMC)Paint Grade

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Carboxymethyl Cellulose(CMC)Paint Grade is an anionic polymer with clarified solution dissolved in cold or hot water. It is quick dispersible and hydrate quickly as well function as high performance rheology modifier,thickener,moisture retention & texture building,suspension agent,etc.in paint & coating.



1)    Quick dispersible,quick hydrate,no lump or “fish eye”in solution,do not require extra stirring, readily build viscosity up.

2)    Resistant to bacteria attack

3)    Consistent & stable quality in temperature variation

4)    High viscosity, efficient thickener.smooth rheology control

5)    High efficient suspension ability, suspending pigment,etc.evenly mix and maintain uniformed liquid, extend shelf life

6)    Improving cling,smooth flow

7)    Compatible with surfactants and polymers


CMC Paint Grade CMC detailed specification can be available upon request. Technically we can evaluate & develop product properly according to customer request.


Rules & regulations:

CAS: 9004-32-4


Quality Assurance: ISO9001: 2008 certified


Packaging: packed in 25kg net multiply paper bags,shrinkwrapped on pallets or as per customer requested design.


Storage: keep original packaging sealed,stored in water-proof,clean and dry conditions.


Shelf life: 2years after production stored as above requested


More product and detailed specs available upon request. We dedicated to develop product to meet customer demand properly.




 Tel: +86-533-7220272
 E-mail: sales@unionchem.com.cn
 Phone: 13953383796
 Add: Tanjia,Linzi Zibo,Shandong,China
 Skype: arellasun


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