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Xanthan Gum in Oilfield Industry
The Shear-thinning viscosity characteristic make Xanthan Gum ideal viscosifier in fluids for drilling,work-over and completion operations,especially Xanthan Gum develops significant viscosity at low shear rates(LSRV) to provide suspension of weight material in high density fluids.Therefore,Xanthan Gum also work as excellent suspension agent in addition to primary/secondary viscosifier in fluids to prevents settling of particles to protect machinery.
Our oilfield Xanthan Gum are available in both dispersible and non-dispersible grades.Both grades are excellent performance high yield xanthan gum viscosifier as per customer demand.
Xanthan Gum premium      Xanthan viscosifier in drilling fluids meeting API13A
Xanthan Gum premium D    Dispersible Xanthan Gum viscosifier meeting API13A
Xanthan Gum HV           High viscosity Xanthan Gum Viscosifier
Xanthan Gum DHV          Quick dispersible high viscosity Xanthan Viscosifier
Rules & Regulations
CAS No.11138-66-2
Packaging: packed in 25kg net multiply paper bags or carton box
Storage: keep original packaging sealed,stored in water-proof,clean and dry conditions.
Shelf life: 2years after production stored as above requested

More product and detailed specs available upon request. We dedicated to develop product to meet customer demand properly.